WELCOME to the Georgia Jail Association, a state chapter of the American Jail Association. Our Chapter was formed in the Summer of 1987 to facilitate the development and exchange of information among Georgia jail professionals, advance professionalism through training, technical assistance, publications and conferences, and provide leadership in the development of jail standards, legislation and management practices, programs and services, in the interest of our professional membership.



The GJA Membership Fees are as follows:


Professional Membership - $15.50

For agencies registering 25 or more members, use coupon code GRP2020 for $5.50 off each registration.

Corporate Membership - $154.65

New / Returning members should complete the GJA Membership Application each year.

You may also wish to join the American Jail Association.


They provide national information, training, technical assistance, publications and conference resources for our members. The quarterly magazine, American Jail , provides timely and useful information, and the Jail Operations Bulletins, through AJA , offer effective in-house training materials on key topic areas vital for jail staff.